Discover Careers that match your Talent!

Yudimy is a career guidance application that matches your interest, abilities and passions to viable career pathways and courses to study for a degree.

Choosing a career or course to study is now as easy as 4 steps


The first step to making career choices is to discover who you are, our assessment helps you to do that.


There's a world of possibilities to explore, get informed about the best options for you.


Get started on painting your big picture and how you'll get there.


Get objective and professional advice about courses to study and career paths o follow.

I have no idea what to do with my life.

I don't know what course to study.

I’ve narrowed down a couple of careers but I’m having a hard time choosing one.

I have so many things I love but I’m not sure what the best course to study would be.


Yudimy is a career guidance platform with a mission to guide students in discovering careers that match their potential and make smart decisions in a fast changing world..

Our approach is simple… Work with students and their guardians (parents & educators) to discover their potential, match them with suitable career paths, create opportunities to explore these careers and make the best educational investments.


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