CVs & Interviews are no longer sufficient for predicting on the job success                

Let's face it

Long hours reviewing CVs and interviewing is no guarantee you’ve hired the right applicant for the job.


  • Some applicants sound like pros but end up not working like a pro.
  • Some applicants have high G.P.A but lack street smartness.
  • Some submit exaggerated CVs with key words that in no way match the reality of what they have to offer.

As applicants master the art of acting till they secure the job it becomes increasingly hard to filter among the pack for candidates who are passionate, skilled and self-driven to hire.

Talent Screener is a recruitment profiling tool that helps hiring managers’/ recruiters save time, cost and guarantee quality in the entire recruitment process by filtering from the pack applicants that are sensible, passionate with the best culture fit for the organization. 

While aptitude tests measure the cognitive qualities of a candidate, TALENT SCREENER gives insight into the behavioural traits, values, attitudes of the applicant because you can train skills but can’t fix character, work aptitude can be developed but a terrible work attitude is expensive to reform.  

Key Benefits

  • 4x more accurate than CVs at predicting on the job success.
  • Double check your gut with data, and ditch making guesses.
  • Objective and unbiased recommendation of applicants to invite for interviews.
  • Reduce time spent reviewing CV's by 80%.
  • Natively intelligent questions designed to cut through the lies and veils of people’s personality and give objective reports.
  • Hire the best, reduce staff-turnover by hiring applicants that truly embody the qualities you are looking for and are passionate about the work you do in your organization.

Hiring your next staff is a big deal!
Talent screener makes it easier


Career Motivation & Interest

This helps recruiters hire people who actually think their job is cool. A job should be more than ‘just a paycheck’. The motivations & interest’s assessment uncovers applicant’s intrinsic motivation and how likely they are to stick around if they’re hired. 


Not all personality types are suitable for certain job roles or organisations. The ideal hire should fit the role and company culture. But there’s only so much to learn from an interview. Our personality Assessment helps uncover–without bias–how applicants might act in different situations, their work style and why.


A bad attitude is like virus and can kill positive workplace culture. An employee is an ambassador of the organization, you want to ensure applicants who get the job possess the right attitude to effectively deliver on the job.

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