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Career Clarity Assessment & Counselling

This 6 sectioned assessment helps millennials find and build meaningful careers and businesses by discovering industries, job roles and career pathways that align with their passion, aspirations and natural abilities. Hence, reducing talent mismatch, unemployment, stress and confusion.  

Talent Screener

Talent Screener is a recruitment profiling tool that helps hiring managers’/ recruiters save time, cost and guarantee quality in the entire recruitment process by filtering from the pack applicants that are sensible, passionate with the best culture fit for the organization.



The Future of Work Preparatory School

Our school to work preparatory program helps parent prepare their children for good career outcomes by discovering careers that match their natural abilities. We work with parents to prepare their kids for life beyond perfect grades. We nurture and groom children’s talent to viable skillsets preparing them for the future of work in a highly volatile and changing 21st Century workplace.

We are solving real issues

Yudimy is an organization that uses psychological profiling to help people, families and organisations discover who they are, minimize errors and make informed decisions. With our tools customers are able to gain career clarity, become effective parents, and hire candidates that fit their organisations culture. 

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