About us

The Reality

Talent mismatch is a big problem in sub-saharan Africa. 8 in 10 people are working in jobs they have no business in and many organisations are employing people that are naturally unfit for the role they apply for. It’s giving everyone a headache, unfulfilled staff, unemployment rate, poor work productivity indexes and poor ROI on human capital.

"Square-pegs don't fit into round holes"

Where We Come In.

We use psychological profiling to:

  1. Help people gain career clarity by matching their natural abilities to viable job roles and career paths.
  2. Help recruiters and employers make better hiring decisions by hiring candidates that are truly passionate for the role and,
  3. Help parents match their children’s natural abilities to suitable career pathways and subject combinations while preparing them for the future of work. 

Our Tools


career clarity

This 6 sectioned assessment helps millennials find and build meaningful careers and businesses by discovering industries, job roles and career pathways that align with their passion, aspirations and natural abilities. Hence, reducing talent mismatch, unemployment, stress and confusion.  


talent screener

Using Talent Screener entrepreneurs and recruiters can filter through pretentious CV’s and select candidates that have the right attitude and qualities for their organsations culture. Saving them 80% of time and cost spend in recruitment and guarantying 97% accuracy on candidates that are the best fit.


future of work prep. school

Our school to work preparatory program helps parent prepare their children for good career outcomes by discovering careers that match their natural abilities. We work with parents to prepare their kids for life beyond perfect grades. We nurture and groom children’s talent to viable skillsets preparing them for the future of work in a highly volatile and changing 21st Century workplace.

"We are exceptional at revealing & interpreting human behaviour "

Every individual is unique, while other assessments tends to put people in a box. Yudimy provides non-generic, personalized reports and user experience, ensuring that each report reflects every individual’s uniqueness.

Our profiling tools and her traits takes into consideration the behavioural, economic and social nomenclature of our society as well as capture data on aspects yet to be explored.

Our proprietary profiling system gives personalized, unbiased, insightful and accurate analysis of people’s behavior, and helps them use that information to make smarter and informed life decisions.

Most individual and corporate clients who took the Yudimy assessment rate it highly and would recommend it to a friend.

We don’t just stop at a single assessment, based on results, we provide interpret the data and provide actionable recommendation that help our clients achieve optimal results in decision making.  This we achieve by providing continuous advisory support. 

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