Our career and talent matching algorithm help people and businesses make informed career and talent acquisition decisions.

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65% of the Nigerian population are living below their human potential with 8 in 10 working in jobs they are a mismatch for and many others unemployed or underemployed feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious. Our career clarity counselling and assessment tool helps individuals discover, define and plan their career whether they are fresh out of college, searching for a job, looking to switch careers or aspiring to be an entrepreneur.


Finding the right talent to hire is about identifying candidate’s with the right blend of skill, passion and character. Hiring for attitude and not just aptitude has become very important as CVs and interviews are not sufficient to predict potential candidate’s on-the-job success.  So we created talent screener, an algorithm that helps recruiters hire people that are truly passionate about what they do and have the right work ethic, motivations and attitude to get the job done.


7  in 10 university graduates are at risk of unemployment and underemployment because they lack the skills and attitudes that are most critical for the 21st century workplace, choose the wrong subject combination or courses to study for their first degree. Our future of work preparatory school is set up to help children develop solid work ethic, team work, problem-solving, critical thinking and other critical 21st century workplace skills in a fun and educational way.

How We Work



We take the time to understand your challenge.



Based on identified need we administer the right profiling tools.



With profiling reports, our team guides you to making effective decisions. 

We are solving real issues

Yudimy is an organization that uses psychological profiling to help people, families and organisations discover who they are, minimize errors and make informed decisions. With our tools customers are able to gain career clarity, become effective parents, and hire candidates that fit their organisations culture. 

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