Our mission is to eliminate talent mismatch and improve human capital productivity by helping people and organizations find the best career-talent fit leveraging behaviour analytics and Artificial intelligence.

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65% of the Nigerian population are living below their human potential with 8 in 10 working in jobs they are a mismatch for and many others unemployed or underemployed feeling stuck and overwhelmed. We created Clarity a self-discovery tool that evaluates different aspects of an individuals behavior & personality style and uses that data to predict suitable career-business paths, work style,  weak competencies, and creates a road map of actionable steps that helps them improve their standard of living. 


Finding the right talent to hire is about identifying candidate’s with the right blend of skill, passion and character. Hiring for attitude and not just aptitude has become very important as CVs and interviews are not sufficient to predict potential candidate’s on-the-job success.  We created talent screener, an talent filtering algorithm that helps recruiters and employers hire people that are truly passionate about what they do and have the right work ethic, motivations and attitude to get the job done. filtering talent into ideal to hire, average or unfit to hire. 


7  in 10 university graduates are at risk of unemployment and underemployment because they lack the skills and attitudes that are most critical for the 21st century workplace, choose the wrong subject combination or courses to study for their first degree. Our talent Navigator tool is positioned to tackle this problems by working with parents, learning institutions help career-talent fit early giving them the insight and tools to nurture their talents early so they grow to live fulfilled lives and become adequately prepared for the future of work. 

How Our Tools Work



Diagnostics to identify root cause issues helping you understand the issues. 


Profiling &

Based on identified need we administer the right profiling tools that provide insight for next steps.



The insights provided by the profiling are used to predict next chain of events and helping clients make informed decisions. 

We are solving real issues

Yudimy creates behavior analytics algorithms with deep learning frameworks that help people and organisation filter, find the best career/talent fit, make better and informed decisions that improves human capital productivity and performance.

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